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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Assistance Offered in Southern Thailand

We are from the u.s. and are currently in southern thailand. we are desperate to know what we can do to aid in the relief anywhere in south-east asia. we are willing to travel to wherever we are most needed. please let us know what we can do.

please contact us via email at shainabocci@hotmail.com and chelsabocci@yahoo.com
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Blogger Jenn said :

Can you get together a list of names/families who can recieve packages, so people around the world, can "adopt" people/children/families? There are many of us who cannot afford to send money enough to help, but most families unaffected by this can afford to send out regular rations of beans, rice, water tablets, and clothing to one or two households. If someone can get a list in the public domain, we can start sending things tomorrow, if it's possible. We all realize that in some places all civil systems were desimated, but surely there are posts people can get to to claim packages.

Thank you!

1:16 AM