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Thursday, December 30, 2004

More UK Volunteers Willing to Help

-- From Blog Readers----

If anyone knows of any opportunities to actually go out and help in any of the affected areas, please could they email me (m.baumback@vmd.defra.gsi.gov.uk). My husband and I are both healthy and willing to help in whatever ways we can, all the relief agencies seem to want only doctors or money. Surely there is a need for unskilled but willing manpower?
Shellie Baumback

Hello, I'm a British citizen now resident in Bangalore. I'm in the UK right now for xmas but am returning to India on 7th January. I'd like to offer my help in any way possible. Unfortunately I'm not a doctor, simply an English teacher currently working as a trainer in a call-centre, but I have 2 strong arms and am willing to travel anywhere and do anything - please let me know how I can help. I can be contacted on fkimberlin@yahoo.com
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

hi, I'm a fit, healthy 52 year old lawyer living in the UK. willing to travel to Sri Lanka or Thailand for up to one month to do anything to help; driving, labouring, whatever. contact me at dessmith@supanet.com

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I'm in Malmesbury Wiltshire, I can help out with a web site and forum, to co-ordinate any volunteers in my area who may wish to set up something local this end.


David Forward.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Dr Dave Robinson said :

Experienced Paediatrician,
based London, UK can
volunteer 2-3 wks May 23,
June 27,Aug 01, Sep 5,
Oct 10, Nov 14. Could raise
funds,bring drugs/simple equipment.CV available.
Please contact: drdaverobinson@hotmail.com

6:37 AM