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Thursday, December 30, 2004

More Interested Volunteers From USA Willing to Help

--- From Blog Readers----

I am very interested in helping, volunteer in anyway possible. I am self employed and can give a month of my time for service if need be. Looking for an opportunity either here (US) or abroad that would maximize best use of my ability. I do a lot of work in energy and would like to help rebuilt some of the electricity infrastructure, provide emergency generation, etc. Additionally, I have experiance in construction and could help rebuild, whther its martshalling resources or just grabbing a hammer and nail. My e-mail is tynan@tskenergy.com


Hello, my name is Amy I live in Hawaii and would be able to volunteer in southeast asia for the next couple of weeks. I am currently in nursing school and could assist a doctor or registered nurse in providing care. My father would also like to volunteer, he is a minister and has carpentry experience. We can be reached at michaelnamyd@yahoo.com


My name is Mona and I live in New York. I really want to volunteer my time - two or three weeks - to help out in any way I can. I particularly want to go to Banda Aceh so please let me know if there are any States-side agencies taking volunteers. If it might help, I am Muslim.Please contact me at monanyc2005@yahoo.com
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Blogger Jenn said :

Maybe this will help. If they don't have a mission leaving soon, certainly they know of one, or knows someone who might know.

New Jersey Area Aid Agencies

The article contains useful telephone numbers. Very handy if you live in New Jersey and wish to donate/volunteer (my sincere apologies if the bulleted list is not displayed properly)

Hindu American Temple and Cultural Center, Marlboro: (732) 972-5552

Sri Lankan Medical Association, Edison: (732) 494-7567

Sri Lankan Medical Association, Morristown: (973) 993-8777, Ext. 210

Indian Cultural Society of Central New Jersey, Old Bridge: (732) 727-6968

Indian Business Association, Woodbridge: (732) 750-3282

New Jersey Buddhist Vihara, Princeton: (732) 821-9346

American Red Cross of Central New Jersey, Princeton: (609) 951-8550
(Vijaya Moorthy)

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Retired airline pilot/attorney with excellent management skills as well as extensive knowledge of rehab. I am available for up to 6 months. I prefer Thailand but am willng to go anywhere I can be of help. I can get to asia on my own.Contact info is as follows:
Billan26@ Yahoo .com

2:02 AM