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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Team of 5 volunteers available in Tamil Nadu, India


This is Samuel Harris. Indeed a good team and a plan is the need to help in the relief operations.I'm representing a team of 5 people in Tamilnadu. We are ready to volunteer in the relief operations.We posted many such messages but got no response. We are MBA students and so we dont have the influence to start relief operations on our own. Unless we go with the team we would end up with no work. But we can very well coordinate in a team and do some physical work.

Kindly contact me anytime:

Samuel Harris: 098954 68788, 0484 2555293
Prasanth: 093888 18031

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Blogger Peter said :


Thank you for offering the help.I am a Chinese in London,I try to translate the products they needs into Chinese to let Chinese know their demand.

Unforturnately I just start doing that,if you can speak to aid agency there to find out what they need to buy.We are here to help.Thank you.

Best Regards


7:33 PM  
Blogger Jenn said :

I found this on this website. Hopefully it will be of use to you!

Nagapattinam-Tamil Nadu
People willing to do rescue work there please contact the following numbers 04635 242 999 / 04635 248 777

Peace be yours,

2:02 AM