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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Alternative building materials

Source: Anonymous blog respondent

I own http://www.strawbale.co.uk and may be able to put together a team of strawbale contruction enthusiasts and experts to trevel to any areas. Strawbale housing can be constructed quickly and can be used as short and long term housing. As a Building material its great and has good thermal qualities.

I am looking to work with a recognised charity to add this service to their porfolio of relief efforts.

Please contact me for further info or to discuss.

UK Mobile 44 078 101 44 06

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Anonymous Anonymous said :


People who had once lived in an Island now form a mass of ghosts hovering over their old land, their bodies piled on the land and in the water. While the departed stand around in the other world, still close to the world they had suddenly left, occupying their time
both in the observation of new conditions, and in the general surroundings of their new world, which is much the same as the old, except no tidal wave has come to
wash them away.

Could this scenario be real? I not only believe it is real, I feel sure it is real. When people go to a Tsunami site, they may wonder why God did this, or what happens to the dead. I can say many of them are still there in the area, wondering what happened, and where they are. Of course they are still in the universe, and in this world, sort of, as it is the next world that is very much like ours, except it is of finer light and quality, a bit less hard and harsh, where they may feel like ghosts, or they may now feel all very much as before, with a few subtle differences. The same sun and sand and breeze touches them, as does the smell in the air. It is oddly variable in subtle ways, like watching a movie instead of being in it.

These that were once Island People in Indonesia or India will find their loved ones and others who died with them, although it would be true some of them have gone elsewhere too. It is not completely fixed as to where some will go. Some will feel caught between worlds too, and won’t know the difference between the old and where they really are, but they will stand or search in our world without knowing it is not the same, and all their friends and neighbors have moved on.

The visitors and spiritual ones who come or are aware of the feeling on a Tsunami Land site can help the lost ones, and one can try a very simple exercise, to close ones eyes, and make a holy sound or chant, a sound to call to the inner and the spirit, not to force or change where or what has occurred, nor to make those ‘ghost’ people or those moved on to do one way or the other, but rather to raise the vibration and bring light, so those remaining or those open can find a way, or the spiritual can come to work, or into play, to do as it will for those as it will.

That sound is HU, pronounded like HUE, like the color, the universal united sound, a love song to God, some may call it a name for God, but it is a sound in all things, in all vibrations, and therefore, can reach all and any, and is not bounded by need, but only by Love. Therefore, it fills in where all else does not, and it uplifts and raises the death feeling, for those who have passed have not died, only left their bodies here in our world, although they have bodies or forms still as they appeared before, only of a more refined quality.

Help is on the way and Good or Help can be here and now. No one dies in the universe of HU. Here in this world, all things do, and in that we are sorry and sad for the sudden loss and change. But life goes on.

HU is special, and that is my blog (Web Log) for the Tsunami victims. Please realize it can do wonders, but it is not to be used to do anything, but to be neutral and unified in all things, so that all who hear the sound, or know HU, will find HU is in them, and perhaps move another step closer to it.

this was my morning quote that inspired me to write;
"Each time the Light or Sound comes to you, you are lifted in your spiritual consciousness."

Best from Peter Eagle, paneagle2000@yahoo.com

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I have building materials that have been recycled, they are top quality, i can part with them very cheap so that the rebuilding stage would be more econmical for the home/business owners, ex: 2x4 studs, .90 each, please email me josh@mcgowancg.com

10:13 PM