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Sunday, January 02, 2005

50 individual volunteers available from across the world

Source: http://tsunamihelp.blogspot.com/2004/12/we-need-voluteers.html - we got 229 responses to this. Summaries will be put up under different heads. Apologies if we have missed out any. A list of 50 volunteers here.

1 Doug wishes to volunteer. Contact: engshopper888@yahoo.com, (206) 208 5461

2. Graham Harvey lives in New York City and wishes to volunteer. Contact: grahamharvey1982@yahoo.com

3 Anonymous has a month to volunteer. Contact: hathi@law.uiuc.edu

4 Amitava in Washington DC keen to help. Contact: is amitavam@gmail.com

5 Heather - is a teacher in Wisconsin and has until jan 9 off. She would like to volunteer where needed in affected areas. Please CALL 414.964.6928 if there is a place i can volunteer man-labor for the next few days and i'll catch a flight out. -- heather

6 Cliffor Baer would like to help for several months. Contact: 307-647-2470.

7 Courtney McKaig can leave immediately to volunteer. Available for at least four months. I live near Seattle, WA in the U.S. I have degrees in psychology and criminology, and have experience as a disaster relief volunteer with the Red Cross. Please let me know if I can help! Email: courtney12@spu.edu

8 Sal - Hello - I am a Canadian-E.Indian who wants to volunteer my time, skills, energy and compassion to Indians suffering as a result of this terrible event. I can fly to India and assist in whatever area is necessary. Please e-mail me and let me know who/what/when/where I can make arrangements with in order to assist personally. My e-mail is: sal.johal@gems4.gov.bc.ca

9 American looking to Volunteer in disaster efforts. Contact Ra @ birthquake2000@hotmail.com

10 GK Moore and girlfriend would like to volunteer. They are in Canada and could go very soon. They are available long term and are willing to do anything. Please contact gkmoore79@hotmail.com

11 I'm a 27 year old South African Male, living in New York. I'm a Mechanical Engineer and have been backpacking/traveling and working throughout Europe and the US for the last 5 years. My health is excellent and I’m fit. I have just over a month’s time (possibly more, up to a year) to spend helping. I really want to help with ANYTHING, ANYWHERE. I’ll pay my way there, wherever and my living expenses. Please contact me via email – phil_Ferreira@hotmail.com or phil_Ferreira@yahoo.com. Regards, Philip Ferreira – Volunteer on the way

12 Mark - I am prepared to volunteer immediately on the ground, for as long as required. I am based in California and ready to fly out. Please contact me at mark@corbae.com

13 Samantha - I am interested in volunteering my time to help the tsunami victims. I will travel wherever needed and do whatever is needed. I have a degree in psychology and have some counseling background. I have some experience in clean up and restoration efforts, as I live in Florida and have been cleaning up after the hurricanes. Please let me know how I can help. Contact: beachprincess@cox.net

14 Hi. I can volunteer immediately through April. If you need help, I'm available and will pay my way. I’m located in Washington DC. bexalo@aol.com

15 Jen Bills - Hi. I am a graduate student near Chicago and I want to volunteer anywhere there is greatest need. I have group leadership and outreach experience. Please email me at jen.bills@gmail.com or call me anytime at (319)354-6863 or (319)354-6857.

16 Lori Bigler - I am a college student and am available until January 15. I would like to help wherever there is greatest need. Contact me at lori.bigler@gmail.com

17 Carole - I would really like to help and volunteer with the relief effort. I am currently unemployed so would be able to donate as much time as needed. I have done volunteer work in the past. I am young and willing to work hard. Please contact me at sugarsuzie@hotmail.com

18 Anonymous - I want to help, available along with brothers (all in our 30's engineers. Ready to leave anytime in Spain, speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. Email: crteb@aol.com

19 Paul - Healthy young male (21). I need to get over there and help, I'll be able to work multiple days straight through with no sleep. help me help you. Contact: mentstyle@juno.com or 760-521-9268 in the u.s. (california)

20 Beju Lakhani - Hello, My name is Beju and I would like to volunteer where ever needed. I am available right away for whatever time is necessary. I can be contacted at beju_lakhani@hotmail.com

21 Anonymous - i would like to volunteer. I am in New York and looking for a program to go through to help over there. please contact me if anyone has information on this, cw524@nyu.edu , 646-997-2297

22 Lindsay - I am available to assist where I can for one month, ex-Australian Airforce, a level 3 first aider, level 1-2 firefighter, have experience in emergency services management and disaster recovery management. I can be contacted on: lindsay@ascendhighaccess.com.au

23 Miroslava - I am a nurse from the Czech Republic, but I am living in New Zealand now. I am prepared to volunteer immediately for as long as required. Please contact me at: mirpis@centrum.cz

24 Laura - I am an intensive care nurse with 25 years experience, currently working in a hospital in Sydney, Australia. I am available and I want to volunteer. Please ring me on 0404 230 896 or (02)9894 9696 or email me at hazlotoz@bigpond.net.au

25 Phil - I am heading back Australia from France through Singapore on 01 Jan 2005. I am available for a week of voluntary work in South East Asia between 01 Jan to 08 Jan 2005. Contact: philhelp1@yahoo.fr

26 Dotun - a graduate student based in London, England, I have a couple of months to spare before my studies starts next year. Ill like to volunteer in the anywhere in the South-East Asia. I have experience in outreach, group-leadership and counselling. I am available immediately. You can contact me on brosdee@yahoo.co.uk . Phone : 9440992390

27 Sophie - Anything i can do to help the tsunami victims please contact me on jill_stallard@hotmail.com

28 Michael Devine - I am a Firefighter in the U.K. Fire Service I have 26 years experience I am 49 years old but very fit and would like to volunteer my services to the place where they are needed most I can arrange time off work throughout January. My email address is devo@persier.fsnet.co.uk or telephone 00 44 1283 702705

29 Brian - I am from England. I am a graduate with a background in running and managing a mobile library service. Also spent time in the army including time working clearing up the mess left by England's 'hurricane' of 1987. Can you let me know how I can volunteer. I will do anything to help. Email: electikk@yahoo.de

30 Anonymous - I am in Scotland, very happy to help - spk basic Bahasa Indonesia , and used to life in SE ASia. No formal experience, but very willing to go out to Asia if required, or do stuff here - and have the time. Raising funds over New Year with Red Cross in Edinburgh - if you are here and want to join - (44) 7743 317 207 - moontravels2@yahoo.co.uk.

31 Doug - Very experienced pilot here (20+ years on helicopters and other aircraft). Living in Namibia and willing to travel to SE asia to help. I can be contacted via email: jmacdow@aol.com .
32 Gergo and i live in Hungary. I used to work in Thailand. I’m an expert searching for dead bodies as a diver and as a special rescuer. I’m willing to go to anywhere in the involved area if my experience and help is needed. Contact: bageri@freemail.hu

33 Dave here in the UK, no real skills beyond a strong arms, legs and heart. Phones +44 1293 772899, +44 7749 146456. Email: daemaeon777@yahoo.co.uk

34 Ana - I live in Dublin, Ireland. I am off until January 9th and would like to volunteer anywhere you need me. I have lived in Indonesia and China and have visited many of these places that are now destroyed. My email is anapauladublin@yahoo.ie. I am available to go anywhere until Jan.9th. I dont have money to give, but I have experience as a nurse's assistant, with young babies and children and speak Portuguese, English and Spanish. I WANT TO HELP IN ANY WAY I CAN. Please contact me. anapauladublin@yahoo.ie , 353 085 7104019.

35 Anonymous - How do I volunteer?? 19 year old girl from the states. sveetcouture@yahoo.com

36 Matthew Allen - I am able to volunteer as much time as necessary. I can provide manual labor and IT support, or whatever is needed. I have donated money but really want to help more. Please contact me at matthewallen00@yahoo.com with any information on how to volunteer.

37 My name is Luis Natividade (23) and I´d like to be a volunteer in Asia. PLease contact me: lnatividade@hotmail.com [fone: (brazil´s code + 11 - 4033 1187). For any work.

38 Eelpie - I would like to volunteer to go to any of the stricken areas to help in any way I can. I am in the USA, I can leave on two hours notice, and I can help as long as I am needed. Email: eelpie@mindspring.com. Phone 719.635.6535

39 John Armstrong - I would like to offer my services as a volunteer in any area affected by the recent tsunami event. I would work ANYWHERE and would do whatever was required, no matter how traumatic it would be. I am self-employed and can easily arrange to be available for the next month at least. I am willing to help fund the cost of actually getting to the disaster area. I live in Scotland and have worked on a farm for the majority of my life. I have a wide range of practical skills with experience in the use of excavation machinery. Hard physical work is certainly not a problem. If anyone can use me, please get in touch asap at this e-mail address. john@specialfx.co.uk This is no spur of the moment decision on my part, I REALLY want to go over there and help out any way I can.

40 Laura - I live in Toronto and would be willing to assist organizationally or through the management of processes, foods, service implementation or human resources. Counselling with children and families.. Any organization is welcome to contact me as I would be willing to assist in any area, for a period of time, of the Tsunami disaster zone. Laura at 416-322-3334 or watsonll@aol.com

41 Anonymous - I'm in the United States and will have a break between jobs from January 10-20. I know it's not a lot of time, but I'd like to spend it helping in whatever way possible. I don't have any medical experience but am willing to do anything that will be of assistance. If there's a way I can be of use, please contact me at dogandponytheater@yahoo.com .

42 Anonymous - 22 year old from Ireland again, i can be contacted won heydumbo@hotmail.com or germclaughlin@hotmail.com

43 My name is Eric and I'm located in NYC. I am available to go right away. I have checked with the IRC and the Red Cross here and they are overwhelmed by the magnitude of this tragedy. My skills are many and my time is free. You can reach me at ericthai1@yahoo.com . Please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be on a plane tomorrow. i look forward to hearing from you. ericthai1@yahoo.com

44 Fabio Souza - from Brazil, I am 26 years old and I am available for the next month in order to work as volunteer in any part of the disaster at Asia. I have got a number of skills including IT , carpenter, mechanical engineering... but also willing to do anything to help. Email fcoelhodesouza@yahoo.com

45 Sarah Davies. Iam willing to do any form of voluntary work, i currently live in the UK but will fly anywhere to help. my home telephone is 01308 897457 my mobile is 07881 921726 and my email address is weegirl7@hotmail.com

46 Sumera Bhatti - I am currently in NY but am available for as long as needed and can transport myself to Asia. Please contact me at sumerabhatti@yahoo.com

47 Elisha - I want to volunteer and head out to any of the much needed areas in South-East Asia. I am willing to fly out in the next week and can stay for a month. I am good health and can do any manual labor that is needed. I simpy need some contact information and who to go with and meet over there. 26yr old U.S. college graduate with experience in working in cross-cultural areas such as the Philippines and China. Am fluent in Spanish and can speak some Mandarin. Able to learn languages and cultures very quickly, and can work non-stop for the whole month. Please contact me on how and who to go with at elisha.fl@fortbendmail.com My prayers are with the people of Asia.

48 Peter Cram - from New Hampshire. I am available immediately for at least two weeks to help in any way I can. I can provide my own transportation to any of the effected areas that need help. Contact me at 603-529-7588 or 603-750-6922 or 603-978-0205.

49 Bilgrami said : I want to find out how I can help with this from england. Anyone else who might want to coordinate this or raise funds please email me on syedb88@hotmail.com .

50 Margaret Mann - I would like to help also. What type of volunteers are needed? And how do I find out more? I am in California. Email: margmary@pacbell.net
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

15+ years as a commercial diver; have participated in U/W search and recovery operations. 35 yrs old, physically fit, basic computer skills, basic first aid. Skilled in boat operation and rope and rigging. Only spoken language is English but possess excellent communication and organization skills. Basic carpentry and plumbing skills. Able to work long hours of hard labour. Able to operate certain heavy equipment (tractor, bobcat, small excavator). Will work in any affected area in any capacity; though if diving is required, will require equipment and trained divetending personnel. Available up to 20 days upon request, will require transport and basic necessities of life.


Pat Mowatt, NB CANADA

3:29 PM  
Blogger Lisa said :

My anme is Lisa and I am in South Africa. I have spent the last year and a half in Asia. Although I do not know the languages of the regions involved, I have a love of this continent and its people. I have a month of time to donate. Please accept this offer.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Lisa said :

I am based in South Africa, in Durban. I have a month of time to donate.

contact me at lisavandongen@yahoo.co.uk

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

33 year old female from California able to volunteer immediately for 2-3 weeks to return end of January. Dive Master and experienced manager. Have travelled to Malaysia previously. Want to volunteer with well-known organization since I'll be travelling alone. Can be contacted at: mgscuba1@yahoo.com

3:20 PM  
Blogger Daniel Blanche said :

I am ready to go, ex uk army royal enginner and have construction road/rail skills, drive all plant machinery, vehcle mainatance/repair, excelent pc skills, man managment, highly organised and first aid trained. Availble 3-6 month's possibley longer. UK based. you can get me on dannydev@orange.net or d.blanche@clubhavanas.com

3:48 PM  
Blogger BShreffler said :

Brion from Philadelphia wishes to volunteer in any capacity. I am well fit and 25 years old. I have some relevant laboratory experience(i.e. microbiology). Please contact me at 215-444-9177. I am available for at least two months.

5:37 PM  
Blogger BShreffler said :

Brion can also be contacted at BShreffler@gmail.com

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hello. My name is Farouk Sheikh and live in New York. I am 35 years old and healthy and well. I am avaialble for at least 30-60 days and am prepared to leave immeidately. I own my own businesses and have experience in managing people in a team environment, logistical organizational, international procurment and movement of goods and services and have been involved in new home construction in the US and in the developing world. [Masters degree in Property Valuation & Law]. Further, I have some EMT training and though I am not a doctor I do have an understanding of diseases and pathologies. Also, my understanding of local cultural and religious issues may be of some importance. Finally, having grown up in Kenya, East Africa, I understand how things work in developing countries and what motivates people to get things done. I am very keen and eager to help and may be contacted on +1 201 679 1169 or at farouk@investecpc.com . I am able to pay my own air fare, etc to get to wherever I am needed if necessary.

11:43 PM