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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Offer to Rebuild School

Dziner said :

I am in search of guidance and direction. I would like to help replace or rebuild a school devastated by last weeks Tsunami. I am the Director of a preschool in California. We are putting together a fund raising effort within our school, with the funds to go directly to building or repairing a school.The help I need is as follows:

1. Our Preschool is a for-profit-business, so I would like the assistance of a non-profit so that the contributions will be tax deductible, thus giving incentive to our families to give more.

2. We need assistance finding a community, village, island... where our efforts are truly needed.

3. We need assistance in facilitate and administering our giving.

I would appreciate any assistance you could give.
Thank you,

Jonathan Gathrid

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

I logged on tonight to look for similar information as this post. We would not probably raise sufficient funds on our own due to our small size (170 pupils only) to rebuild a whole school but would hopefully be able to furnish one / provide educational materials, stationery etc. I do hope, however, to involve the other senior schools in the area, which my own children attend, as well as local communities - so at this point am not sure what we can achieve.

I teach in a small school in England now but lived and taught for 20 years in Sarawak, Borneo - so my personal preference would be a school in Indonesia - but we are happy to be asked to help in any country and to be advised where the need is greatest.

The headteacher has given the go-ahead to our starting fundraising efforts in school when we go back next week. We are keen to form a link with a particular school which would help us to hopefully motivate our pupils / parents and local community more. It would also mean that the pupils especially would see this as a long-term effort which would have educational benefits also and have more impact on them.

I realise that it is probably too early for such a school to be identified - but would appreciate being put in touch with someone with whom we could start a dialogue.

I can be contacted at pongo_pyg@hotmail.com

Thank you.

Bev Cox

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

My name is Gideon Baldridge, I am a senior at Langley High School in McLean, Virginia. I am organizing a fundraiser to help rebuild some of the schools which have been devastated by the flooding. Langley draws from a rather affluent group of parents, so we are expecting a strong response to our efforts, however I have not heard of any charities who are specifically working on rebuilding schools. If anyone could help I would be very much obliged. My email address is gideonbaldridge@hotmail.com

9:18 PM