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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Offer of Assistance in India

My name is Oliver Binks, I've been in India since March and have a tourist visa that lasts until May.  I just heard about the tsunami disaster only two days ago and am willing to provide any support possible.  I have experience in building as I've been labouring on a british building site for a couple of years but am willing to do anything to help.  I have no formal qualification but have a lot of experience in working with people and possibly could help with moral support however, I only know the smallest bit of Hindi.  I spent 7 months in the Himalayas in which time I only stayed in a Guest House a few times the rest of my time spent in a tent, I therefore don't mind spending more time in a tent or sharing with/ donating it to other people.  If you could send some information I'd be glad to do anything in my power to ease the suffering of the people involved.   Highest Regards  Oliver
P.S.  I'm in Rajasthan at the moment so will take a few days to get to the effected areas.

contact: mrbinks02@yahoo.co.uk
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Blogger Cam said :

3 volunteers in India
My name is Campbell Moore. Myself and 2 friends will be arriving in India on January 8th. We would be happy to donate 3 weeks or so of our time to helping out in the relief effort. We are all 22-23, in very good shape, and quite resourceful. I recently graduated college with a degree in Environmental Studies focusing on Sustainable Development issues, and the two others have a history and psychology degree. We are happy to do any work. Please contact at
if you are interested.

11:29 AM