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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Offering Free and Fast Internet Access In Indonesia For Tsunami Relief

--- A Mail was sent to tsunamihelp blogsite spokesperson by a blog reader--

Dear Dina,
we are a local ISP in Medan, Indonesia. we can provide free and fast
internet access at our office to any medias or NGOs to transmit their
images,reports or video back to their headquaters.

Our office is :

wisma BII 4th Floor Suite #411
Jl.Diponegoro No.18
Phone (6261) 4158806
our staff is standby to help from 7AM to 10PM local time.

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Blogger Anan said :

Internet connection in Banda Aceh already being setup by Wasantaranet at Banda Aceh Post Office.1 Mbps Internet connection is free to use for everyone

Wasantara net have already setup the wireless connections, all you have to do is come to banda aceh post office or Call 0651-27161 or hp 0811232429.

source: Yusuf Hendriarto, (hendriarto@telkom.co.id)

9:29 AM