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Friday, December 31, 2004

Help offered from Australia


We would like to volunteer to help. I have over 12 years experience working in the pharmaceutical and medical industry - training doctors and physicians with regards to drugs and medical equipment. I have spent over 5 years working in operating suites and am conversant with virtually all emergency medical drugs and procedures. I also have a diploma in clinical pharmacology. I have visited and worked in India on four separate occasions and have worked with numerous doctors there. I know First Aid and CPR.

My neighbour, Mr Ian Bassham is also a qualified pharmacist with over 40 years experience. He has worked in Australia and abroad in pharmacy and is still currently practising in Australia. He has travelled to the middle east, India and Sri Lanka before and is very family with the country, the people and the culture.

If we can be of service please contact me asap and we will make the appropriate arrangements. We have a current passports and are vaccinated, however we don't have a current visa for India. My last one expired in '02.

I have friends located in Delhi and Bangalore and Kandy (S.L.) that could assist us.

Lisa Hewerdine

Tel: +61 883632154
Fax: +61 883632162
Mob: +61404474734

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