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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Offer to Come Assist

Hello my name is Jaclyn and I am 19. I am wanting to volunteer my time in the next 5-6 months to help the Tsunami victims. I am willing to drop college this semester to go overseas and do whatever help I can. My heart was broken seeing all the small children who are homeless and parentless. Please let me know about any organizations that will send me over to help. Thank You
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Blogger Jigar said :

"People have the greatest of intentions but there is actually quite a lot of briefing and preparation that has to be done before people are deployed in the field," he said. "As you can imagine, some of them will be confronted with horrendous situations."

While offers of time and expertise are being turned away for the moment, expert volunteers - including engineers - may be needed later ,says the acting executive director of Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, Craig Barry

Source:-Sydney Morning Herald

10:02 PM  
Blogger Jenn said :

Perhaps Oxfam has the time to be picky, but if your intentions are true, you'll be received.

This was sent to me from one of the other bloggers this am:

AID India wants volunteers immediately.....i called them they r really in need.Kindly contact them
Please figure out where you fit best, and give us a call. We urgently
need all the volunteers we can get.
1. Collection and Information Team: This team will handle calls,
receive donations of money, clothes, medicines, blankets and vessels
and send receipts, give information on the current status of relief
work. This team will also give out press releases, send out email
reports and call for further donations based on the needs.

This is the team that people from outside must contact.

The people to contact are (All in India- mostly in chennai):

Bharati/Manohar/Hari (AID office) 91-44-28350403
Ravishankar (IIT Prof) 91-94440-84910
Chandra Anil 91-9382330752,91-44-28350403
Smitha Kalyani 91-98401-73800
Vibha Ravindran 91-98402-63275

2. Allocation and Distribution: This team will get the needs from
various field locations, sort the materials collected, divide it up
for different locations based on the need and send it to the field
coordinators for distribution.

3. Field Team: In each area we have a team of volunteers who will be
coordinating the relief efforts and distribution of materials.

Be persistent,

10:28 AM