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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Trip to India Jan 17-Feb 16 Anything to do?

My wife and I have a trip planned to India beginning Jan. 17 in Chicago, arriving in Chennai on Jan. 19, with trip to Madurai/American College and on to Kerala, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi.

I was wondering if (1) there is anything I might take along as baggage to drop off in Chennai/Madurai/Kerala area, (2) there is any community telecom center to visit without getting in people's way.

First thought: How about bringing along computer modeling software for children/youth to propose ways to create "South Asia Tsunami Warning System," and perhaps some power bars or other healthy food.

I would like to explore how to link Illinois-based community technology networks including many at land grant universities serving urban and rural areas throughout the state, with similar community networks in India.

Layton Olson
Director, Midwest Technology Access Group
Sustainability Chair, Illinois Community Technology Consortium
Law firm Howe & Hutton, Ltd. and Telecommunication Innovation and Access

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Blogger Jenn said :

Here are some blogs from fellow bloggers that you might find helpful.

Also, some thoughts on helpful items:
Take as many bottles/boxes of pain reliever, immodium, pepto, etc. that you can afford, and customs will allow.
Take as many bottles of tea tree oil with you as you can carry. (It's like rubbing alcohol. But it comes in smaller, glass bottles, which can withstand travel on an airplane.) Matches and water purification tablets. Medical masks.Powdered baby formula. Trash bags. Blue tarps are sold conveniently pre-packaged, they take-up very little room in a suitcase. Food? Well that really depends on what customs will allow. But, if you can take along dry beans, chickpeas, lentils and split peas, they take up almost no room, they're extremely healthy packing both protein, fiber, and some vitamins, plus they're filling. Not to mention, very transportable, SUPER CHEAP and available in all American grocery stores. If you filled the suitcase with nothing but these dried legumes, you could feed someone, possibly more than one person for an entire year, at least. Seeds for planting. Again, check with customs first about seeds, that may be a no-no. An extra suitcase. So easy, and to think something that simple could keep people alive.

Martin Newberry
Speaks Bahasa Indonesia fluently, 22 years experience as and Emergency Service worker. Familiar with remote areas of Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Ready to help any organization with logistics etc, in Aceh, or anywhere in SE ASia, and
Email mbnewbery@bigpond.com
ph +61322683557

Dear Dina,
we are a local ISP in Medan, Indonesia. we can provide free and fast
internet access at our office to any medias or NGOs to transmit their
images,reports or video back to their headquaters.

Our office is :

wisma BII 4th Floor Suite #411
Jl.Diponegoro No.18
Phone (6261) 4158806
our staff is standby to help from 7AM to 10PM local time.


I am a fit and healthy 48 year old male, self-employed and currently between contracts. My skills lay in the IT industry, but love getting my hands dirty and have good building and woodworking skills. I would like to offer my services to somehow help in any way I can in the areas affected by the earthquake. I am able to make my own way to wherever required, can leave at short notice (i.e. immediately), and can live off of my own resources if required to do so. Contact me if you know of any organisation that is looking for volunteers.neil@themusearts.co.uk

-- Posting by Blog Reader ---

I am a service provider for VOIP. I am willing to provide UNLIMITED FREE VOIP calls to US/Canada/Japan/Hongkong/Phil for all our disaster hit friends around the world to call back home. I dunno how my service may help but let me know if there is anything that I could contribute. I am in Singapore and can travel anytime at short notice to help out. If there is anyone that could form a team, that would be great. My contact number 97620900 - tmelvin@pacific.net.sg

AID India has hosted a web page for volunteers where they can provide their contact and experience details.

If you are a interested volunteer please register at:

7:17 AM