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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Another 50 individual volunteers available from across the world

Collated from blog responses

1 Vidhya writing from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Is there any way I can help??? Email -vidhya_m26@yahoo.co.in

2 Andrew Bebbington – I am 24 living in scotland willing to help in any way i can, i am willing to travel out to asia if needed and can help with anything required, i have 5 years experience as working as a care worker with children and adults, i am also a qualified chef and butcher. i am available for as long as needed. also if there is anything i can do to help in scotland please contact me. Does anyone know if and where anything can be donated to be sent out to asia i.e. food, medication etc if so please get in touch with me Andrew. andybebbington@hotmail.com or 07746434854

3 Michael - I am a filmmaker living in Knoxville TN and would like to help anyway possible. I am available for international travel or within the US. I can travel for over a month if necessary. Please e-mail me at ms@dvd360.com if I can be of any assistance whatsoever.

4 Anonymous - willing to volunteer efforts in any way; 30 year old female with German family in Chiang Mai who can also assist. Email: clefas@hotmail.com

5 Branwen Cassedy - I am in the States and am more than willing to volunteer if I can help in any way. I am willing to travel there, but do not have the personal means to do so. Physical labor, recovery of bodies, Administrative / computer support, distribution of supplies, whatever is needed. I also have some informal medical training / knowledge. Please contact me if I may be useful. Email: branwen.cassedy@gmail.com

6 Randy Belham - I am available to volunteer from Canada. I speak fluent french and english as well as some spanish. I have previous volunteer experience and I work in logistics management. I am very health, strong (mentally and physically). Email: randybelham@yahoo.ca or randy.belham@exel.com

7 Stevie de Wit - I would also like to volunteer to help. Willing to travel to SE Asia and help for a month or more. I am living in London. sdewit@webmail.co.za

8 Galen Murton - completely available for the next six months. I am a 27 year old American male with extensive overseas experience as well as building, leadership and basic first aid training. I am ready to depart from Boston as soon as possible. Please contact me at galenbmurton@hotmail.com and/or phone 207-761-0285

9 Richard Giddens - I am a New Zealander based in Melbourne Australia and am available to help. Can leave at short notice - Telecommunications/pabx/cabling is my trade - so if there is a need for people like me please let me know asap. Can also help with anything that is needed - general labour or building. Contact me richard.gidddens@gmail.com for phone number and cv etc - happy to work for nothing.

10 Anonymous - I am interested in volunteering. I am physically fit, a certified diver and have extensive experience working with animals of most any type. I don't mind working to help people, round up farm animals or just help clear debris -I would be willing to do any job I could be trained to do. I am 29 and live in Philadelphia PA, I should be able to give up to a month of my time. Please email me at scubaliz@aol.com

11 Josie Clowney - Hi, I speak Indonesian/Malay, am currently in the US. What can I do to help? Three indonesian-speaking friends of mine are also willing to fly to southeast asia if needed. Email: jclowney@umich.edu , Phone 734-277-7971

12 Anonymous - We're a couple living in Chicago with available time. We would love to help in any way we can and in any locations possible. Send e-mails to: pabi_boy@hotmail.com

13 Michael and Hannah - I live 30 min from NYC I would love to give of my time personally and with my family to help with any hands on relief efforts in and around NYC...packing, calling, you name it..hands on in this time of need. Email: alliedmedical@optonline.net or chirodoc@optonline.net

14 Fiona - I would also like to volunteer to help. Willing to travel to SE Asia and help for a month or more. I am currently in Hong Kong, can speak English, Chinese, Cantonese, limited Japanese. Email: fiona_tanghl@hotmail.com

15 Kellee - I want to volunteer, I want to come and help as needed. Where should I go, who should I contact? Please email me any information that would be helpful. I cannot come until March, two months away, but I'm sure help will still be needed then. I'm 24, graduated college little over a year ago now...live in the US and want to do for others, and not be self focused. Email: KelKeljean@aol.com

16 Anonymous - I am available for volunteer work in tsunami affected area. Willing to do whatever it takes. Email: seabee6566@yahoo.com

17 Karl Ernsberger/Philip Graber - We are Wilderness First Responders, and have intercultural training, and disaster rescue training as well. We are willing and able to get our EMT's on top of all that, or fly anywhere on our own expense right away. We can stay indefinitely. We have our own camping gear gathered and ready for anything including foul water and food of any grade, and have just had our vaccines boosted. We bring some of our own medical gear, but can also round up specific item needs if necessary. We are both strong, healthy, avid hikers/climbers/boaters/etc, and within a year of 20. My Phone number is 503 253 3563. Call me anytime day or night. (Ask for Karl Ernsberger or Philip Graber)

18 Beck - Hi, I have been trying to find out how to help with a blogging site. I could volunteer to bodily go there, I am an anthropologist, studied Andaman Islanders years ago, have only recent experience in Kuwait and Middle Eastern cultures (lived there awhile), but it looks like you have lots of qualified volunteers to go there. I really would like to help here with site, please let me know if there is anyway I can do that. My email is sealymay@hotmail.com . I am not sure my blog site is up and running, so email is best. Please let me know if I can help. I will keep trying to contact this site. The URL is http://Geolink.com. Also, try http://geolink.blogspot.com

19 Dave - I'd like to volunteer. davesch@ucla.edu

20 Edmund - I'm currently living in New York city and I would very much like to help with the ongoing relief efforts for the tsunami victims. I am willing to perform anything that can be done locally, like administrative tasks or errands. Please reach me at 1-646-209-0034 or tanel66@yahoo.com

21 Gary - I am living in Brisbane, Australia. I would really like to help in ANY way possible. I am a graphic designer by trade so I know my way around computers, but am ready and willing right now to help relief efforts on the ground, anywhere i can. Can someone tell me how i can help? Email: gloobun@yahoo.com.au , phone: + 61 4 14 428 495/ + 61 7 3254 0668

22 Harry H – Scottish (West Coast) - Would like to volunteer to help in anyway. Many years experience at top level public sector management in lots of areas including environmental health; regeneration; emergency planning: etc. 55 years old, fit, well travelled, basic first aider, and calm and clear in difficult situations. Would find time to volunteer for a month. Email: harry.harbottle@pipemedia.co.uk

23 Matt Davies - I'm willing to come over and do anything to help. I can put my hand to most things, so let me know how i can get involved. Email: matt__dave@hotmail.com . Phone +447779780849

24 Adam and Bob - Willing to volunteer overseas or in the united states for tsunami relief. Construction, contracting, and computer experience, plus many other fields. Email: axdp944@hotmail.com

25 Anonymous – I’m from calcutta, india.. currently live in atlanta, GA - i would like to volunteer my services in any way possible - fluent in english, hindi and bengali - am an independent business consultant and have flexibility with work time - if any local chapters of aid organizations need communication help, or any other kind of assistance - please contact me at wspanic@gmail.com

26 Anonymous - I would like to volunteer for tsunami relief. I am a former Peace Corps volunteer, have 20 years experience managing Wastewater (sewer) Treatment facilities (large and small) and am a pilot with tailwheel endorsement. Email: martremcheerful@yahoo.com

27 jennifer nguyen – female, 20, houston tx wants to help. Email: jenthinguyen@hotmail.com

28 Ruth Gamston - I want to volunteer from after 20th Jan indefinitely (until my money runs out). I am a development studies student and will help out wherever it's needed. Would prefer to go to more remote places, but not fussy. E-mail: ruthwsg@yahoo.co.uk or tel UK + (44) 0-208 740 8577

29 Anonymous - I live in Atlanta Georgia, and am available to help either here in the States on in Asia, please contact me at normatibs@comcast.net

30 B Chudasama - i am an IT professional living in the UK and want to help with the relief effort in Asia, I am able to travel to the area asap - please contact me via email chudasamab@hotmail.com


32 Elisabeth Richards - I'm 30 years old. I'm a teacher and first aider and I would like to volunteer in any way that I can. I can work till April. Email: Elisabethrichards@yahoo.co.uk or mcsenseone@hotmail.com

33 Joanna Thompson - Volunteering with imeadiate effect. Paying own way some experience with relief efforts willing to undertake any task. Email: joanna@joannathompson.wanadoo.co.uk

34 John Fornelli - My wife and I would like to volunteer to serve and help in any way in the tsunami relief effort. I am an ordained minister with over 10 years of experience in overseas ministry in Latin America and Africa. My wife is an RN with over 20 years experience in multiiple facits of health care. We are both physically strong and emotionally stable. Phone (630) 768-6351. Email: jmfornelli@yahoo.com

35 Anonymous - I would like to offer myself to help in any way possible to ease the suffering of the tsunami victims. I am a 33 year old female with an accounting degree..in good shape and healthy. Please let me know if there is anywhere I can go help, as I am available as soon as needed. I live in New Jersey, US. Email: Happy28joy@hotmail.com

36 Stuart - i am able to volunteer,i am working as a social worker in scotland and would be available for any length of time. Email: Stuartedin@hotmail.com

37 Anonymous - I would like to help in any way possible. I am an undergraduate student from New York. I would like to volunteer my time to the victims in Southeast Asia. Email arae4383@yahoo.com

38 R G Cooper - Please consider my offer to volunteer in any of the affected countries. I am a very able bodied 47 year old Canadian caucasian and am willing to work in what ever area you may need volunteers. Email: rgcooper@pacificcoast.net .

39 Anonymous - Please contact me with volunteer needs. I am in the Seattle area and willing to travel.Email: crackedlense@gmail.com

40 Jen - I would love to help in any way possible. Please email me at jglow@optonline.net

41 Matt - I am located in Akron, Ohio and would like to volunteer in any way shape or form to assist in the rescue and rebuilding of the areas damaged by the tsunami/quake. I can't keep sitting around and doing nothing, I feel like I need to contribute something more than just money. I can help for 2-3 weeks doing whatever is needed. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance. Email: EQSnods@sbcglobal.net

42 Mary - I can give up to one month (UNITL FEB 10th)of my time to help. I live 20 miles outside Boston,MA and can host anyone needing medical help (longer than 2-10) or am willing to travel where needed. Email: mzzola@charter.net

43 Lucio - I would definitely like to volunteer. I live in the Portland Metropolitan area. I am 32 years old and have ten years experience in social service work related to church, ministry, crisis intervention, mentally ill, addiction recovery. I am also a hard worker and willing to help with rebuilding or any other type of assistance as needed. Email: noyolal@yahoo.com . Phone - 503 753 050

44 Marty - I would very much like to volunteer to help. I am a strong, male in Vancouver, BC. Am a network engineer, have first aid training. Email: mlingg@telus.net

45 melfinn - I can also volunteer. Contact me and can go where ever needed. I live in Portand, OR..USA and have lots of skills. Email: mel_finn@hotmail.com Phone 503 936 8121

46 Beth Grant - I want to volunteer. I am a 37 yr old healthy female with experience in early childhood education if that helps. No money for travel expenses but I could raise it quickly if needed. Have applied for a leave of absence with my employer which shouldn't take long to go through. Email: eag61467@yahoo.com

47 Anonymous - I would like to volunteer. I am a 42 year old male. I am an elementary school teacher and have time/days to use if needed. I have been to several countries in the past and would love to volunteer if needed. Email: anoles62@msn.com

48 Marielle - I have been searching for ways in which I can assist with the tsunami disaster in SE Asia! I have no technical or medical background, but am adept at communications (textual, verbal), organization, and people relations. I am currently unemployed, and would like to dedicate my time to helping - I'm sure there are many tasks that need to be fulfilled. Even handing out supplies, helping with logistics/paperwork or providing a comforting arm. Can somebody tell me where I can volunteer? Email: mdameulenberg@hotmail.com

49 Camille Lopez - Able-bodied and skilled volunteer!! Willing to travel anywhere in Tsunami-hit area!! I work in international development and am a former Peace Corps volunteer. I can do computers, writing, budgeting, press relations, recruiting, report-writing, organization, supervision, planning or just manual labor. Email: camillelopez@yahoo.com

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Blogger amy parkin said :

I need to help! I am living in Devon, UK and am a temp working for a large company and so I can leave with only one days notice! I have found prices etc and I have funds available for all of my expenses but wouldn't know what to do once I got there. Please email me with any help you can give! Thanks


3:06 PM  
Blogger Mike Slattery said :

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5:49 PM  
Blogger Mike Slattery said :

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5:50 PM  
Blogger Mike Slattery said :

I am a software developer in the U.S (Indianapolis, IN). I work as the lead developer at a software company. Please let me know if my professional services can be used in any way. I might also be able to convince my company to host a site and database. mslattery@searchsoft.net

5:51 PM  
Blogger aice said :

hi my name is aileen dispo of the philippines and yes im more than willing to help...im 22 years old just email me @ glutonaice@yahoo.com

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I live in Alaska and I wouldlike to help, I'll will do anything. 41 yrs of age 190 average height. How would you go on and help I would appreciate it.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I live in Alaska and I wouldlike to help, I'll will do anything. 41 yrs of age 190 average height. How would you go on and help I would appreciate it. I would like to those in need. Arron_392001@yahoo.com or robertfroster34@yahoo.com.I'll go from there if any one needs to e mail me and figure out how and what I can do.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Jagu said :

Hello I am Jagdish. I am 28 , a IT Professional with a leading Construction company in Kuwait. From Kerala Basically. I want to do my part .I would like to volunteer in any way I can. I have been to Sri Lanka, Malayasia before.Let Me also Know if I can do anything in Kuwait even.Please feel free to contact me at jagunair@gmx.netor 00965-9616072.

1:41 AM  
Blogger Jagu said :

Hello I am Jagdish. I am 28 , a IT Professional with a leading Construction company in Kuwait. From Kerala Basically. I want to do my part .I would like to volunteer in any way I can. I have been to Sri Lanka, Malayasia before.Let Me also Know if I can do anything in Kuwait even.Please feel free to contact me at jagunair@gmx.net or 00965-9616072.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :


2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

i'm adeline and i'm from malaysia. i'm 17 and i can speak mandarin, malay, cantonese and english. eventhough i don't have any experience but i relly hope to help those victims in phuket. so please email me adeline5434@hotmail.com

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hello. My name is Farouk Sheikh and live in New York. I am 35 years old and healthy and well. I am avaialble for at least 30-60 days and am prepared to leave immeidately. I own my own businesses and have experience in managing people in a team environment, logistical organizational, international procurment and movement of goods and services and have been involved in new home construction in the US and in the developing world. [Masters degree in Property Valuation & Law]. Further, I have some EMT training and though I am not a doctor I do have an understanding of diseases and pathologies. Also, my understanding of local cultural and religious issues may be of some importance. Finally, having grown up in Kenya, East Africa, I understand how things work in developing countries and what motivates people to get things done. I am very keen and eager to help and may be contacted on +1 201 679 1169 or at farouk@investecpc.com . I am able to pay my own air fare, etc to get to wherever I am needed if necessary.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I want to help. I am a 26-year-old healthy American. I am currently in Asia and will pay for flight and all expenses. If there's anyone who needs my assistance, email me. edanielt@yahoo.com

12:59 AM  
Blogger dacsattitude said :

hello, i live in syracuse new york. im a e.m.t.and im willing to help. i also have training in mass casualty rescue.

7:52 PM