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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Help Offered by a Chinese Magazine run by Tzuchi

--- From a blog reader ---

I'm writing for a magazine published by Tzuchi, one of
the largest humanitarian organization by Chinese. The
magazine is often used as a supporting evidence why
readers from all over the world needs to fund relief
efforts like this. I will be travelling to Pondicherry
and covering Cuddalore, especially the plight of the
fishermen. If you can get me in contact with your
ground relief volunteers in these areas, it will be
excellent, as I will be indirectly highlighting your
work as well. I think a lot of times, money pours into
western aid agencies because they have easier access
to international media. We are doing our part to
counter this imbalance.

Mobile: +65-9457-1277
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

30 years of expeience in accounting and business. MBA and CPA. Prefer to help in Thailand. Available within one week´s notice. Currently business manager of a private school in the Guatemalan mountains.
Please contact...peterhuey1953@yahoo.com

11:09 AM  
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Anonymous Thilal Nanayakkara said :

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency. Our club is relatively new (Chartered in 2002) with a youthful membership who believe in hands-on action. We have been given the opportunity to make a difference to many people due to the great need that has risen by the devastation caused by the Asian tsunami. You can view our activities in response to the tsunami at www.reliefforsrilanka.blogspot.com from the day the tsunami struck our coastline.

The Rotary Club of Colombo Regency together with the Rotary Club of Batticaloa is currently in the process of developing a plan to build 100 houses for displaced families of the Dutchbar community on government allocated land in Thiraimadu. This is in the District of Batticaloa and the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

Currently the Dutchbar community is housed in a refugee camp and the families have each been given tents from other relief organisations or Shelter Boxes from Rotary. The Initial stage when Shelter Boxes were needed and supplied is now over. We have been working very hard to help the people through the immediate response stage up until now when permanent housing is the greatest need.

The Dutchbar community consists of 263 families of who most are of Dutch and Portuguese origin. The surviving members of this community have a strong feeling that the entire community should remain together (and not be disbursed). Within this context, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) has requested us to try and extend Rotary support to the entire Dutchbar community by building 260+ houses. The UDA is willing to provide more government land for these families too.

Therefore we wish to request the international community to assist us with the building of these houses. The estimated cost per unit at current market rates is approx. Rs. 500,000 (US $ 5,000). Our club undertakes to manage all funding received for this project in a well monitored and transparent manner.

We are now in the high-level planning stage of this long-term reconstruction project. ACNielsen (an international research organisation) has undertaken and conducted a needs assessment study (as a part of its' corporate citizenship program) among the Dutchbar community. We are awaiting their report to proceed further before deciding on the exact type of house etc. Our Tsunami Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Committee is about to finalize the project proposal for this long-term project. I should be able to send the proposal to you during the coming weekend.

Please help us to find the necessary funding to proceed with this project.

3:31 PM  
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