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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Help Offered in Sri Lanka

I'm part Sri Lankan/Indian living in Toronto, Canada. I have degrees in both Anthropology & Women's Studies & currently finishing up my masters. I also have a diploma in refugee studies & a diploma in counselling. On the practical front, I have been in refugee camps in Sri Lanka & am familiar with the conditions that exist ordinarily in camps. However, I am aware that this situation is unique & there are no permanent camps thus far. I have worked & volunteered in several NGOs& relief organizations closely with Refuggees & displaced people, especially with women & children. I am looking to either volunteer or work with the people in the long term reconstruction & rebuilding process, in the Eastern & Northern provinces of Sri Lanka because I speak Tamil. This would be my first preference, but I would be willing to work in Tamil Nadu, India as well for a shorter period of time because I lived in Chennai. I am willing to commit up 6 months to start with & may be more. I will pay my own passage, however I would need basic boarding & lodging while I am there. Please pass on my information to organizations that require this kind of contribution.

Thank You & my contact details are
Lydia Sashikala Winslow