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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

DNA analyst volunteering for victim identification

From mail to our team:

I'm Brazilian. I'm a Biologist, and I work in a DNA analysis laboratory for about 3 years here in Brazil. I work mostly with paternity test and some forensic cases. I can see that one big problem after Tsunami is the victims identification. So, I was wondering if I can find a job at some lab that is making this identifications. I think they will need many specialists in this area. This is the opportunity to do something really good for me and many otherpeople. So if you can help me, I´m looking for this labs to make some contact.

Thank you very much.
Julio Cesar Teixeira Francisco
Técnico Responsável
EXACTGENE - Análises em DNA
Email: julio@exactgene.com.br
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am a trainer/capacity builder with 7 years experience working in Indonesia. I am English but I speak fluent Indonesian and am culturally aware. I would be able to offer coordination and liaison skills and organizational assistance. I have experience of working in challenging environments for the UN ( East Timor and Afghanistan). I am available now if I can be of help.
Sarah eve simmonds

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hi everybody!

Many people who want to volunteer are posting their contact information which is great!, but I think those who have special skills should contact charity organizations directly or the red cross. Others (including me)who want to help in any way should organize by themselves because so far only Crossroad Organization is recruiting volunteers. I'm interested in helping Thailand as I've been there . Though, I haven't found information about where the relief camps are. Yesterday I read in a British newspaper an article about holidaymakers who have gone to the affected areas and helped the local people. I'd like to do that, but it will be much easier to work in a team. I'm only 20 years old, mexican staying at London. I've worked in schools in Northeast Thailand and Africa. If someone is interested in creating a small project and going there to help, I'll appreciate if you contact me: jazgiovanni2010@yahoo.com

Charity organizations cannot recruit volunteers easily because their policies are very strict in these situations. We could know exactly what the local people need by going there, otherwise we'll rely only on the media that sometimes doesn't reflect the real situation.

"There is hardly a family in Khao Lok that has not lost someone, yet the people here show their appreciation to the many Western visitors, such as Rachel Henderson, 21, from Camden Town, in North London, who pitched in with two student friends to help to run an open-air feeding centre."

Full article

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I'm a lawyer in New York. I'm not sure what help would be most needed, but I'm volunteering anything -- whether it's legal skills or just a strong back, and whether it's remote, from New York, or in the areas hit, and, in particular, Malaysia. Feel free to contact me (Robert Carey) at vlvtcarey@yahoo.com. Thanks very much.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I'm part Sri Lankan/Indian living in Toronto, Canada. I have degrees in both Anthropology & Women's Studies & currently finishing up my masters. I also have a diploma in refugee studies & a diploma in counselling. On the practical front, I have been in refugee camps in Sri Lanka & am familiar with the conditions that exist ordinarily in camps. However, I am aware that this situation is unique & there are no permanent camps thus far. I have worked & volunteered in several NGOs& relief organizations closely with Refuggees & displaced people, especially with women & children. I am looking to either volunteer or work with the people in the long term reconstruction & rebuilding process, in the Eastern & Northern provinces of Sri Lanka because I speak Tamil. This would be my first preference, but I would be willing to work in Tamil Nadu, India as well for a shorter period of time because I lived in Chennai. I am willing to commit up 6 months to start with & may be more. I will pay my own passage, however I would need basic boarding & lodging while I am there. Please pass on my information to organizations that require this kind of contribution.

Thank You & my contact details are
Lydia Sashikala Winslow

2:59 PM  
Blogger Dutch Huette said :

I'm in Iowa City, Iowa. I operate a conference call bridge and have offered free conferencing to organizations needing to use this. I want to do more, so if you know of any org that is trying to coordinate relief efforts, call me. We just had a group use us for a conference call with participants in 10 countries. We are hoping good communication will help speed efforts to get materials to victims more quickly. 319-337-5501.
Thanks. I appreciate this site.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

hi my name is John. Iam 19 year's old. i live in phoenix arizonia, and would like to GO TO INDIA AND HELP!!!!!!I am not a docter or surgen, i work at a bank doing paperwork, none the less i would be exited and eager to apply the skill's that I do posses,torwards helping rebuild, and restoring hope for these unfortunate people. Iam a hard worker allways giving everything 100% I Have worked, in construction (worked on a framing crew & ran wires)and as telecomm appreintice.How do I GET THERE

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

this is john if any one has ideas please it would be most appreciated e-mail me at jhernandez@npmg.com

3:02 PM  
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