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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More volunteers

From mails to our team:

Lyn Doyle - i am a 23 year old girl who feels helpless to the unfortunate innocents of the horrific tsunami quake. every day i watch the newsreports and it leaves me feeling inadequate as i have yet tocontribute anything to their need. i cannot donate any money as i amcurrently unemployed and have no savings. but i desperately want tohelp in anyway i can, so i would be grateful if you could forward meany info. on how this can be achieved. ideally i would like to travelout to one of the affected areas to help rebuild a way of life. Email: dusty_81@msn.com

Richard - i am male 30 fit and willing. i am wanting to find out if there is anyway i can help. I can turn my hand to anything you want and my mother is an RGN nurse. we offer our help in anyway we can. Contact email: TMCRacing@aol.com, phone: 01423 881582 UK. Please can you get me in touch with some1 as i am not working at themoment and know that i could get more people to come out with me.

Mike Newby - Are there any agancies that are sending volunteers from the USA? I would like to volunteer if i can be of use. My occupation back ground is computers and computer networks plus phone systems if you could direct me to some agency that can use my help please do so.
Email: mnewby@hctc.com
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