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Sunday, January 02, 2005

More individual volunteers from across the world

Collated from blog responses (please note, comments without contact details have not been included)

1 Hugh Plant - Would like to volunteer for relief work anywhere affected by the Tsunami/earthquake for up to one year. Presently on leave from Parsons Transportation Group. Just finished 5 yr highway construction project in Colorado. Have MS degree in Environmental Engineering. 55 yr old male in excellent health and physical condition. Willing to do what ever is necessary. Hugh. Call at 970-309-2004 or email to hplant@sopris.net

2 Frank C Marino - I would like to volunteer to help in any of the geographical areas hit by the tsunami. I am experienced in project management, planning, disaster relief planning, command and control, logistics, operations, mobilization and deployment, construction and various other areas (retired U.S. Army LTC). If you'd like to speak to me, please call me at 214-542-0169. Email: fcmarino@verizon.net . I live in Texas and am available at any time.

3 Tara – I’m 18 and I live in Australia. I would really like to help somehow. I have vast experience in fundraising and working with children, as well as business. If there is any way I can help, email: wendy_clear16@hotmail.com .

4 Melanie - I live in Oregon U.S. I would like to volunteer in Southeast Asia. I am available for at least 6 months. I am willing to help in whatever way possible. Email: melanie@olallielake.com phone 541-420-7633

5 Elizabeth - from Houston, Texas. I am a recent college graduate with a degree in management. I am currently unemployed and have all the time in the world to help console, bring love and encouragement and re-build (emotionally and physically) the lives of those suffering. I have worked with children, teens and adults from all walks of life and would give anything to help. Email: liba_d@yahoo.com phone 832-641-6264.

6 Jennifer G.- I am a third year pre-med undergraduate student. I am able to give my time until April in relief effort, and would be willing to assist in medical, distribution, rebuilding, or whatever I am needed to do to help. Email: temptinb_2417@yahoo.com

7 Carol & Steve - I am a former Red Cross Executive Director with Disaster Relief and mass feeding experience. Husband is Child Protective Services Supervisor and was Crisis Services Manager for our County for three years. We are available - please contact us if you need our services. Email: sherab@adelphia.net

8 Trish Stewart - I am available to volunteer where it is needed the most. I can leave immediately and am available until January 29. Email: trish.stewart@gmail.com

9 Nick Alan - I am currently living in the US mid-Atlantic region and would like to volunteer where I am needed. I have a broad range of skills (including supervision/management) and would be well-placed as a team leader for a clean-up or reconstruction crew. I am awaiting approval from my current employer for time off but am expecting to be available for a three or four week trip. I am well-traveled internationally, including Asia, and am current on necessary shots/immunizations for immediate travel. Email: nick_alan79@yahoo.com

10 Janine - I'm from the Philippines, and I've been looking for ways to volunteer at any of the disaster sites. I have no obligations yet as I just graduated. Please contact me and let me know how I can volunteer -it frustrates me that my country is so near the disaster sites; I really want to get there and help. Email: gayuma9@yahoo.com or Phone +633917-3221018.

11 Anonymous - I would like to volunteer my time and efforts to the disaster relief. I want to fly out and help in anyway. If anybody knows any organizations that would take me, pls contact me. Email: flylikeaneagle@gmail.com , phone 626 286 3412

12 Zoe - Hardworking volunteer immediately available & anxious to help: 30 yr. old female student from New Mexico, U.S., would fly out ASAP, must return to the U.S. by Jan. 17. No specific skills beyond crisis hotline training & experience, but able-bodied & also able to pay my own way. Email: zandcdwyer@msn.com , phone (505)989-3442

13 Nicholas Ramsey - I am looking to volunteer in the areas devastated by the recent tragedy in the Indian Ocean. I am available now through the end of June. I have an assignment with the US Peace Corps in July. Email: nicholasramsey@hotmail.com

14 Leah Jones - Today is my last day at work for the next month. I would like to help, fit and located in Switzerland, available immediately. Contact: leahjones@bluewin.ch or +41 79 348 2600

15 David Street – I am living in the UK. I am not working so I can offer as much time as may be required. This includes should it be required travel to an affected area to assist. You can contact me at davidistreet@btinternet.com , this is also my yahoo id. It will be running 24 hours a day. Just let me know

16 Anonymous - I am available immediately to go to Asia and help, whatever is necessary. Email: iambumpus@yahoo.com

17 Archna - Hi I'm ready to act as a volunteer for the tsunami victims. Email: rupanzel123@rediffmail.com

18 Elin - I am a Norwegian woman, 29 years old, work as a school teacher. Have a masters degree in development work in 3rd world countries. Available for volunteer work immediately anywhere in the disaster area. Can stay for as long as needed. Email: elinlangholm@yahoo.com

19 Anonymous - I am 21 years old and would love to help in asia i have 6 years experience in the veterinary field, i know this is not human med. but i worked for a surgical practice and have dealt with a lot of wound management and have good sterile technique. please let me know if you could use me in asia i am open to work in any position. Email: crookedrain@comcast.net

20 Neerj Gill - i wanted to contribute my time volunteering for the tsunami disaster. I am living in Canada and i can help out with the phones, emails and etc. Email: neerjgill@gmail.com

21 Anonymous - 25 years experience as a professional rescue firefighter, advanced oxygen therapy, senior first aid etc, disaster search and rescue trained. I am also – an Electrician – (licensed ‘A’ Class Electrician)25 years plus Building experience. Own tool available Trained and skilled in the operation of many different types of machinery i.e. chain saw, elevated work platforms, earthmoving equipment (bob cat, front end loaders, tractors etc), water well drilling Irrigation. Driving – licensed and experienced in heavy trucks, buses (large passenger accredited) , 4x4, 4x6 trucks, forklift, motor cycle. Australian Army – 3 years regular army, Communications Technician, (corp. of signals) Army engineer – Army Firefighter – trained in decontamination, rescue etc, campsite set-ups incl. water, water power and communication supply, generator operation and maintenance, electricity supply safety. Sundries- professional photographer, volunteer for CANTEEN (teenagers living with cancer), current passport, police check. Email: pearo@adam.com.au or ph 61 8 83515533

22 DC - Able-bodied and willing to stay as long as possible. Email: dcdomain@hotmail.com

23 Anonymous - I live in the States and would be available to leave immediately to volunteer for an indefinite amount of time. I have lots of experience working with children, but would be willing to contribute any type of assistance required. Please let me know how I can help! Email: danisad@hotmail.com

24 Sara - I would like to volunteer for as long as necessary. I have set up or expanded businesses in India, Bangkok and Hongkong so I am proficient in logistics, coordination and accounting. I am 31, comfortable living out of a backpack and working extremely long hours. Email: salasargasso@gmail.com

25 Hussein – located in Beirut, Lebanon. ready to go to any place in south asia ... speaking arabic english french german and some spanish and italian ... depth diver, computer pro. Email: miskiman66@hotmail.com phone 00961 3 664872

26 Bjarke Jack Korno - Available to give aid anywhere need. I am a 36 yr old Male from Ontario Canada, I work as a contractor. I am willing to volunteer a year of my time to help Tsunami devasted areas. Please someone let me know how I can help. I am ready to travel with 24hrs notice. Phone 905-934-7513 Email: jkorno@hotmail.com

27 Kate Chan - I am from the UK and currently in Hong Kong. I can be available immediately for a min 3weeks. I had planned to go to Phuket but any destintion is not a problem. I'm 28 with previous First aid experience and worked with children. I speak fluent English and Cantonese. Email: Kate_W_Chan@Yahoo.co.uk Phone (00852)94037820
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Blogger crystal said :

Hello, I am a 24 year old female living in Colorado. I have a degree in Occupational Therapy and am willing to travel to any area for as long as needed and help with counceling or in any other way I can assist. Call at 970-567-2611 or email at crystal_amelang@hotmail.com

4:29 PM  
Blogger Matthew Parkhill said :

I'm coming to Bangkok on January 5th from London, England, with my girlfriend. In our 30s, both ex-teachers, physically fit and willing to do anything to help. Let us know if/how we can help. matthew@matthewparkhill.com

6:41 PM  
Blogger sarai said :

Sarai - Im from Mexico, I can help as long as you need.I would like to volunteer for as long as necessary. Im 23 yeasr old, I have experience in communicator logistics. mail: saraileyva@hotmail.com

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hello. My name is Farouk Sheikh and live in New York. I am 35 years old and healthy and well. I am avaialble for at least 30-60 days and am prepared to leave immeidately. I own my own businesses and have experience in managing people in a team environment, logistical organizational, international procurment and movement of goods and services and have been involved in new home construction in the US and in the developing world. [Masters degree in Property Valuation & Law]. Further, I have some EMT training and though I am not a doctor I do have an understanding of diseases and pathologies. Also, my understanding of local cultural and religious issues may be of some importance. Finally, having grown up in Kenya, East Africa, I understand how things work in developing countries and what motivates people to get things done. I am very keen and eager to help and may be contacted on +1 201 679 1169 or at farouk@investecpc.com . I am able to pay my own air fare, etc to get to wherever I am needed if necessary.

11:45 PM  
Blogger mkted said :

My name is Kate, I am a 36 year old Project Manager based in New York City and am available to volunteer anywhere. I have a Masters in Development from Columbia University and have worked for a number of field NGOs -- including the UN and Catholic Relief Services -- in Latin America and the Balkans. I have basic construction, farming and communications experience, and am extremely comfortable working in difficult conditions and cross-cultural environments. I am available for short term assignments however my background would also be very appropriate for long-term development work. Please contact me at 646-232-6858 or else at mktedesco@aol.com

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

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