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Thursday, January 06, 2005

More Volunteers

--- From Blog Readers---

Hi my name is James, and I am an engineering graduate of Mechanical Engineering for the environment and developing countries.
I have been working for two years for a mechanical engineering firm, and would like to help out in the Tsunami crisis, preferably as an engineer, but in any capacity. I am 24, fully fit, and can put my hand to most things e.g. cooking, building, cleaning, organising etc. I can speak German, and can understand French.
Please contact me at: rodders@e-garfield.com


Hi all ..
i'm from indonesia with my limitations cant do enough for helping out the tsunami victims... but i am very very concern about child trafficing issue .. its been reported that there are some possibilities of child trafficing of children survived the tsunami .. any suggestions or input or idea whatsoever so we can all prevent this to happening ... ??


Just as a myriad of the world’s inhabitants have been searching for means to survive, I have been searching for means in which to help. In addition to monetary donations, I wish to donate my time and work. I also would like to remind everyone that rebuilding will take years. The nations affected by the recent events were changed in an instant, but it will take a lifetime to recover and move on. Humanitarian support in many forms will be required for months and years to come. I myself hope to lend a helping hand in the future, but I do realize that due to the current situation it is simply not plausible to do so at this time. I am willing to provide assistance in any form. I speak English and German. I have had much experience in regards to social work, counseling, project organization and assessment. I hope that the outpouring of assistance continues and leads to expanded solidarity between nations, and greater recognition of tragedies experienced everyday all over the world.

Bryan Brasher
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Blogger corax55 said :

I have been reading these posts and thought perhaps someone could help me: I am an American residing in Alaska with a "long term " keen interest in survival skills. I see on the news that in the next few days/weeks one of the most important things the survivors need is good drinking water.
There is an extremely easy way to obtain good clean drinking water from living vegetation by placing clear plastic bags over non-poisonous branches of trees and bushes, sealing the clear bag shut around the bush branch and then letting the sun heat the inside up which will transpire water out of the plant which collects(condenses) on the inside of the bag and runs down towards the bottom where it can be collected and then re-used over and over. By placing many of the these clear plastic bags over the ends of harmless types of branches a lot of water can be collected in a matter of hours.
I don't know how important this technique could be- perhaps other methods are already being used that are better, but if not I wish there was a way to get this information out to those desperately in need.... if you can help please broadcast this technique to those in the field. It could save thousands.... James

11:40 AM  
Blogger earl said :

I am a construction contractor in California, USA and want to help rebuild in Thailand. I have a small business on Koh Samui, Thailand so I know a little Thai language and have traveled through Thailand many times. Please contact me at minorthreat2004@yahoo.com if you have any info on how to make my offer of help known to the proper agency. I have tried Habitat for Humanity but they do not have anything setup yet. Thank You, Earl

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Dean, 35, male, UK. Fit/healthy, politics grad, experience of SE Asia, currently not working & would like to help in Asia.

2:57 PM  
Blogger J. M. Cefalu said :

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3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I'm flying into Bangkok on Jan. 12th. For several months I've been planning a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. But, if it's possible I'd like to volunteer in the relief efforts in southern Thailand. I've already paid for my plane tickets, and I'm fully immunized. I'll be there anyways. Is there anything I can do?

I'm 24 years old, with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. This relief work is precisely the type of work I want to do. Currently I a manage the customer service operation in a wholesale nursery outside of Boston. So, I have extensive experience both working in, and managing teams of workers loading and unloading large quantities of freight, operating forklifts and
other heavy machinery. This job has helped my afford my trip and pay off my student loans but my real hope since graduating from college in August has
been to become a part of this type of humanitarian effort. I hope you consider my letter. My phone number is listed below, please call. I could
put a resume together if that would help, but I also realize that there is an urgency to the situation. I am very hard working and very eager to help
in any way I can.

Thank You,

Paul Mann, Paulmann117@hotmail.com

Phone # 508-395-0259

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hi my name is clark, I would like to help, im 19 fit, healthy and relitavely strong. I have one year of mechanical engineering experience and one year of experience in fabricating kit houses in scotland. i can turn my hand to almost anything and am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I can speak some french and understand the same.
You can contact me at: clarky_boy101@hotmail.com or ckman318@aol.com
i await your response

6:57 PM  
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