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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Volunteers from Singapore

Collated from blog responses

1 Jo Koh - I am willing to help in any aspects for a long period of time. I am from Singapore! Able to assist in any relief tasks. Contactable at 65 96825317 or kohzihui@hotmail.com

2 Jay – from Singapore.I want to help the victims. I will be sending certain provision items coupled with money from here...and would want to extend my help to the tsunami victims. Please contact me at a.poshgyrl21@gmail.com

3 Lora Wilkinson - I am an American living in Singapore and am available for any period of time to do volunteer work in any of the affected countries. I have a lot of international business experience and have some ability in a number of foreign languages. I have basic first aid training, I am strong and physically fit and I am an avid hiker. I am willing to do any kind of work to help the recovery effort. Please contact me with volunteer details at lora_wilkinson@yahoo.co.uk

4 Bobby - I would like to volunteer. I am based in Singapore and am able to commit for about 7 days (flexible and extendable). I am looking to provide relief work (distribution of food and medical supplies, counseling, search and rescue etc.) in areas that are affected by the tsunami. If you are an organisation and require volunteers abroad, please contact me at +65 96611547
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Blogger emma said :

hi my name is emma krajicek and i would like to be a volunteer. please contact me on +27 31 2088637 or emmakraj@hotmail.com

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am from the U.S. and only speak english but I have experience working with disaster relief with the Red Cross in Florida this year. I would love to volunteer but don't know how I can help. Please contact me!

3:46 PM  
Blogger Cobey Barlow said :

Hey i would like to volentere if you can give me a call on my cell phone or email me on how to go about it i would greatly appreciate it. cell (207) 691-7011 email coastalwebsites@yahoo.com
i have done construction/laboror
i have done pipeline/laboror in the past

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am able to travel and volunter for 4-6 weeks. Own airfare, can leave on short notice
contact johnray1809@yahoo.com

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I wish to offer my services to assist in the identification of the dead and missing in Phuket Thailand, I am a retired U.S. Police officer and former homicide investigator, living in the Philippines now. I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and speak Thai well, can anyone assist me in coordinating my efforts with the Interpol delegation there, please email me at Compsec3@yahoo.com I will pay my own way to Phuket but I need a solid contact.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hello, my name's Nhu Nguyen, 21 years old from Georgia, USA. I would like to help the victims in the disasters but I do not know where to start, I'm willing to do anything to help those people. Please contact me at (678) 772-7140, or (404) 608-9774, or my email at HoangAnh455@yahoo.com Thank you

10:29 PM