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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Volunteers willing to work in Sri Lanka

Collated from blog responses

1 Hi I am a SriLankan native and am currently residing in the UK. I would like to volunteer for any amount of time in SriLanka. Please contact me on 0208 449 6647 or via e-mail: shehara_j1@hotmail.com

2 Peter Arcu - I have a number of friends in Canada and the United States who are willing to travel to Sri Lanka and Thailand to assist relief efforts. Many have experience at the NYC ground zero site and recent Florida Hurricanes. Do you know of any airlines that are willing to offer deep discounted travel or free seats to travel from North America? Any possible opportunities will be looked into. Email me at peterarcu@hotmail.com

3 Wagtail - Its powerful to read this after all the numbing news. I have tons of experience in Sri Lanka in environment and development including disasters. I just returned from a month long visit there two weeks back - I intend to go to Sri Lanka from New York on Saturday - we already are well organized in Kandy due to a 5 person project work. While there I shall quickly set up a platform for others to contribute and perhaps set up volunteers. Be in touch people who want to help. As I am an earth scientist, I have quickly collected together information useful for people in the affected regions. This is at http://iri.columbia.edu/~lareef/tsunami/ I hope to make another portal of information useful for relief work starting with SRi Lanka but also for other places. Again, if there are folks who are doing similar work please let me know.

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Blogger Operation South-East Asia said :

Dear Sir/ Madam!

I'm organizing relief organization to help people in South-East Asia disaster area. I have already received contacts from US and here Finland from people who're willing to give their effort for victims of Tsunami.
Ou goal is to get as large number of volunteers as possibly to help local people supplying food/water, temporarily accommodations and so on. My personal goal is to start highly flexible organization which can help people in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia.
I'm discussing with other organizations, get volunteers as many as possible world wide so we can effectively help people down there.

All volunteers and co-operative people and organizations are warmly welcome to join us. There's lot of things to do and as fast as possible we can start field assistance it's better.


Tell: +358-40-7477-009

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

my husband and i are willing to go overseas and help where needed. we can go as early as needed and stay for at least 1 month. please email me at patti@fitin20.com to let us know how we can help.

1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

My name is Steve and I live in the USA. If there is anything I can do to help anyone out, please let me know. Akshara3000@msn.com. If I can be of any assistance Jyrki, feel free to get back to me.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Steve-USA said :

Please visit and contribute to the following site if you would like to, or know how to volunteer your time and efforts to help these people.


There are so many people who want to physically help but so little information about what they can actually do.

2:36 PM  
Blogger christinadiane36 said :

My name is Christina Caruso. I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I want to help overseas. Doing anything that is needed. Whenever and for however long I am needed. I just do not know how to go about it. Please someone inform me on what to do, who to contact, etc. Please send any info to me via e-mail. My address is ccaruso@publicpolicylaw.com

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I live in the U.S. and worked with the Red Cross during the Florida hurricanes this year. I would like to volunteer but don't know how I can help. Please contact me! annaengelmann@hotmail.com

3:35 PM  
Blogger sarai said :

I can help, I dont have money but my hands are very strong, I live in mexico, Im 23 years old, an I can leave everything in here to help as much as I can overthere. Mi mail is: saraileyva@hotmail.com, my phone is 016141846452, I can Help, just tell me how!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I want to offer my services in areas devastated by the Tsunami. I speak only English and have no experience in disaster situations but I have experience in all phases of construction and can drive commercial vehicles. Please contact me if I can help.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

i live in northern ireland and work with young children everyday. i would like to volunteer to go to any country affected by the tsunami. i would like to help look after the children left homeless or orphaned.
i do not know how to do this and would be grateful if someone could advise me.
please contact me at: dellowens@hotmail.com

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hi, I am a 30-year-old US citizen very able and eager to help in any countries needing assitance; I can offer up to 3 months of commitment and am willing to pay for my own airfare. Please contact me at: sparky_hartman@hotmail.com

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Am looking for a group or org to work with in Sri Lanka at the moment. Can stay for up to 6 months, am a fit and able bodied Australian male with some limited construction and commercial vehicle (tractors) experience, and basic first aid knowledge. Will be bringing some own tools, as well as as many water purification tablets as I can lay my hands on and/or get sponsored by my friends and family.

Most important: I want to be sure that I will be there making a positive difference, and not actually creating more of a hindrence than a benefit. This is something that all well-meaning volunteers should keep in mind.

Contact me at: dave69@gmail.com

12:30 AM  
Blogger specialagent777 said :

I’m Jake. 27 year old with no current obligations. I have valid passport and sleeping bag and can leave to help as soon as someone gets a hold of me. From where ever you are right now at whatever time; AM/PM, call me and I'll be there. 310-938-1263. My email specialagent69@hotmail.com I worked for my parents doing expo/trade shows for 6 years, then 9 years in the clerical field. I'm fit, and I moved to Los Angeles to do acting, however I'm still one of the waiting. I can wait in Southeast Asia and make myself useful at the same time. I WANT TO HELP. CALL ME. Deo Volente - PEACE!

3:47 AM  
Blogger Katie said :

I am 20 years old, and an australian female living in the philippines. i'm fluent in english and filipino, if that can be any good. i've had experience in distributing food and clothing to homeless and street people. i'm accustomed to the simplest 3rd world living conditions. i have a huge passion to go to ANY of the affected regions,and would pay my own airfare, if only i can have a group or organisation to be a part of when i get there. as i said i'm in the philippines and it's very nearby. i can leave as soon as i get word where to go and with who to work with. i don't care what i have to do. i've had extensive experience in many fields - food preparation, serving, childcare, cleaning, even some heavy lifting. i can go for even a few months.i have nothing immediate to hold me here so now is my chance to actualy do something. please contact me at square_preachers@yahoo.com
also my friend amy from new zealand wishes to join, she has basic pilot skills and first aid experience.

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

My partner and I would love to help in Sri Lanka in whatever capacity help is most needed. We can travel at short notice (live in the UK).

Contact: Joanna.Sheldrake@fsmail.net

tel: +44 (0) 208 6868 335

7:16 AM  
Blogger TifffanyThompson said :

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:13 AM  
Blogger miskiman said :

willing to go to any place in south asia ... mission in srilanka is great as well .
33 years old male .5 languages .
rescue diver .
willing to leave at once .
flexible with time ... ( months)
e mail me please miskiman66@hotmail.com
00961 3 664872

3:53 PM  
Blogger miskiman said :

willing to go to any place in south asia ... mission in srilanka is great as well .
33 years old male .5 languages .
rescue diver .
willing to leave at once .
flexible with time ... ( months)
e mail me please miskiman66@hotmail.com
00961 3 664872

4:07 PM  
Blogger Trevor said :

My name is Trevor McGrath, i am a 25 year old Plumber from Chicago. I am sure my skills could be utilized in some way, especially dealing with all of the water that has flooded the regions. I am Certified in CPR for the professional rescuer, and First Aid. If you could use me at all I would gladly be willing to help.

email; carol.mcg@sbcglobal.net

T. mcgrath

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Department of Psychology
Social Science Building, Jnana Bharati Campus, Bangalore 560056
Ph. No /23214001 extn 222 (080) 23211486 email:bangaloreuniversity@counsellor.com

www. www.bub.ac.in


Tsunami, termed as one of the worst natural disasters in the recent past, has caused tremendous loss to lives, families and property. The timely help from different quarters of the world have helped us respond to their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, along with other necessities.

Now, when the immediate rescue and relief operations have almost winded up and the recovery phase of trauma experience has set in, the psychological needs have to be addressed. Of the trauma-affected survivors, children are the most vulnerable. Their lack of experience and maturity makes them less capable of comprehending what has happened. However, the reactions of adults around them, the kind of loss they have experienced and the amount of exposure to trauma determine the effect the event will have on the child. There is a need to train volunteers to help children deal with the posttraumatic phase. Therefore, the Center for Psychological Counselling, Department of Psychology, Bangalore University, India, is offering a six-day training cum on-the-field-experience services to tsunami-affected children survivors.


The training programme aims at training volunteers facilitate recovery in children after the traumatic experience. The training will cater to helping volunteers understand the needs of children who may require additional care to recover and the possible emotional reactions that children would be experiencing. Special emphasis will be laid on training them to use expressive therapies to deal with the psychosocial needs of children and thereby help them develop a positive outlook towards life.


Ø Color therapy: Painting, crayons
Ø Music: Music movement therapy
Ø Krida yoga
Ø Puppet therapy
Ø Pottery: Clay modelling
Ø Theatre: playback, improvisation and emotional catharsis

ELIGIBILITY: Volunteers with graduation degree in any discipline and who are deputed by the NGO's working in the affected areas and those who are already working with children.

Maximum number of participants: 30

DATE: February 14 - 19 February, 2005

TIMINGS: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


14 Feb 05 Group Counselling Hall, Center for Psychological Counselling, Social Sciences Block, JnanaBharathi Campus, Bangalore University, Bangalore - 56
15 Feb 05 Summanahalli Society, Magadi Road, Bangalore - 91
16 Feb 05 Don Bosco Children's Home, Bangalore
17 Feb 05 Affected coastal areas - Kadaloor, Tamilnadu
18 Feb 05 Affected coastal areas - Kadaloor, Tamilnadu
19 Feb 05 Group Counselling Hall, Center for Psychological Counselling, Social Sciences Block, JnanaBharathi Campus, Bangalore University,Bangalore – 56

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE : visit www. www.bub.ac.in

1. The applicant must send in a duly filled application form enclosed with this brochure to the Coordinator, Center for Psychological Counselling, Social Science Block, Bangalore-560056 by email to bangaloreuniversity@counsellor.com on or before 09 February 2005.

2. The applications will be scrutinized for eligibility and selected candidates will be contacted via email to confirm registration and participation by 10 February 2005.

3. All correspondence through email only.

4. Trainees are expected to serve voluntarily at the affected areas through NGOs for at least a period of one-month immediately after the training programme.

5. No TA/DA will be given to participants. All expenses including accommodation, travel to tsunami-affected places must be borne by the participant.

6. The Centre is not responsible for any untoward incidence that may occur in during the training.

7. No fees for participation.

For further details contact:
Dr. Romate John
Senior Counselling Psychologist
Basngalore university
ph. 80-22723551

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Adolescents First would like to send skilled and unskilled workers to Aisa to assist in the rebuilding effort. E-mail Glnnralph@aol.com. we will cover all expenses of our volunteers. Must be between 18-25 years of age.

5:07 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Our organization Adolescents First has 20 volunteers willing to go to thailand to help with the rebuilding of the Tsunami torn areas. We need sponsors for these individuals. It costs $3500 to send each volunteer. Partial sponsorships will be greatly appreciated. We are a nonprofit thus, donations are tax deductable. You may donate online by visiting our website at Adolescentsfirst.org.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Andrew Reuter said :

I have time to offer in september and october, if anyone is interested in picking me and one other individual up for help in relief efforts please contact me at (812)3259280
or apreuter@indiana.edu

6:44 PM